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"I Buy Italian Food" works to promote the sale of items actually made in Italy to everyone looking for healthy, delicious foods.

In this shop you’ll find the range of food products normally found in Italian supermarkets.

It’s almost like hopping on a plane to Italy and walking into a shop. You’ll find everything from antipasti to desserts, from the most famous brands to lesser-known labels.


But if you’re a true fan of old-fashioned Italian cooking, we invite you to visit (which is currently under construction and will be up again on September 1). You’ll find top-quality products that we’ve singled out for recognition because they stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of taste.

Happy browsing and we look forward to seeing you soon.



If you’re as big a fan of savings as you are of Italian food, we’re offering the chance to stock your pantry with us at discounts that can quickly grow up to as much as 80% off, if you tell your friends about this shop.

Sounds too good to be true, right? To find out how it works, visit the “SAVING PLAN” section.


If you’re a business owner, please register with our shop. You can buy our items at special prices and enjoy lots of exclusive benefits.